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Stuck in Life?

The Sessions

Throughout the sessions, personal resources will be the focal point for working with despair and distress, so that there will be room for strength, hope, happiness and appreciation in everyday life.

The conversations can be done individually, in pairs or in groups in Danish or in English in my practice.

I also offer opportunity to make conversations/sessions via an encrypted video service.

As a Psychotherapist MPF I can support you and help you find new ways and perspectives. Maybe traumatic memories haunt you? Or an overwhelming anxiety?

What about couple's therapy?

Sure, that's a possibility :)

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFT – C) - the Dynamics of Emotion, Love and Power - is about:

  • discovering specific dynamics, usually in the form of an interactional negative cycle which together as a couple you create and which against your wishes brings you further away from each other, out of contact

  • understanding the signals, you are sending that make it difficult for the other part to come close to you

  • working with what it is that “feeds” this cycle and share it with me and each other

  • constructing new ways of being together, new ways that strengthen you in showing love, care and respect for each other and bring you closer to each other.

In short: to move from being opponents to being allies 😊

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